Are arch supports really necessary?

We get this question all the time . . ."Are arch supports really necessary?"  The short answer is yes.  The long answer is a bit more complex, but worth the time to explain.  You see, humans were designed for an uneven terrain such as undulating hills and dirt and rocks etc.   Not this symmetrical, flat world of asphalt and concrete.  Our bodies are not perfectly symmetrical and so placing our bodies into this environment in gravity causes strain on the feet, knees and hips.  These surfaces also don't provide dynamic input into the foot and over time our intrinsic foot muscles atrophy and become less supportive.  For these reasons I recommend Sole Supports orthotic arch supports.  They help recreate the lost arch and produce a dynamic environment for the foot.  Overtime this can help alleviate stress in the foot, knee and hip as well as treat bunions, plantar fasciitis.  Contact or office at 970-243-1388 to learn more about how Sole Supports orthotics can help you.