What if I don't think I need Unlimited Care?

So we rolled out our Unlimited Chiropractic care for $79 a month membership plan a while back and it has been a smashing success.  But we have noticed that after a few months on the plan some members find that they only need a couple treatments a month to stay healthy and inline.  While the Unlimited Plan worked great initially we realized that for some patients we needed a more Basic Plan for ongoing maintenance care.  

That is how our Basic Plan was created.  So instead of cancelling out of the Unlimited Plan and going back to the $49 a visit a la-carte option we decided to make a 2 visit a month plan for only $49 and any additional visits would only cost $25!  That's half off our a la-carte price!  

So if you have been on the Unlimited Plan but think you need to cut back don't just cancel your membership.  It is a simple switch with our membership conversion form.  You can always switch back to Unlimited should you need to with no change fee.

This Basic Plan is also a good fit for those that have been under chiropractic care elsewhere and just need to stay "tuned-up" in our office.    

Don't get us wrong though - our Unlimited Plan is still by far the most popular plan and as we encourage once a week spinal checks and adjustments.  It is still the best value.  

To discuss your membership or to sign up for the first time call 243-1399